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Chinook Medical Gear Item# TK124 Mfg# 01364

Chinook Tactical Medical Module - Cricothyroidotomy (TMM-CR)


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Chinook Tactical Medical Module - Cricothyroidotomy (TMM-CR)

The TMM-CR contains the necessary items to establish a surgical airway if conventional methods are unsuccessful. This tactical medical module is to be used only by those who have formal training in this procedure. It is packaged for easy access and storage.

  • (1) Tracheostomy Tube, Cuffed, 6.0 mm
  • (1) Hemostat, Kelly Forceps Curved, 5.5"
  • (1) Scalpel, Sterile, #10
  • (1) Syringe, Sterile, 10 mL
  • (1) Tracheal Hook, 4"